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Your body is absolutely amazing.

Regardless of how healthy you are at this moment, your potential to be healthier is just a few steps away. The complexity and ingenuity built into your body makes a Rolls Royce look like a child’s toy.

Did you know…

Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day. It does this without the slightest thought from you. It pumps over 6000 quarts of blood a day through a network of blood vessels that if you were to put them end to end, would go over 60,000 miles. That is enough to circle the earth twice at the equator. Again, all this happens without your knowledge.

Your eyes instantly make over 10 million color distinctions. You have muscles that if they were to work together and all pull in one direction, would equal 25 tons of pulling power.

What is even more fascinating about your body is it does all of this magic and it is made up of 98% water. It’s run by a three pound lump of matter called your brain. Your brain is literally a universe in itself. It runs and monitors your entire body 24/7, 365 days a year for your entire life. It is still estimated that only 10% of your brain is used.

Our body works with laws. When I was going to Chiropractic College we would have weekly Philosophy lectures. On occasion the president of the college would give the lecture. During each lecture he would pull out his car keys and drop them on the floor. He was making a point that everything around us and inside of us, works because of laws. The keys fall and hit the ground because of the Law of Gravity. These laws are always present. There are probably 1000 different laws happening inside of you at this moment allowing you to read this post. Pretty amazing stuff, huh?

Yes, your body is amazing. However, are you trying to reach your potential? Would you like to reach your potential? If so, what is stopping you? Pain? Age? Attitude? Obesity? Time limitations? Fear? Procrastination? All these “excuses” can be overcome. Learning how your body works is the first step in becoming a healthier, fitter you. Developing and implementing a Wellness Strategy is what it is all about. I can help you with this.

If you seriously believe you are far more potential than you are actual give me a call.

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Dr. Gould