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Out of curiosity, I recently attended my “first” Yoga Class at Elemental OM. I have to admit I was a total neophyte. Certain things like my inflexibility did not surprise me; however, what did surprise me was how relaxed and centered I felt after the hour and fifteen minute class.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a system of well-being. Its origin in India dates back five thousand years but its practice is very relevant to modern life. Yoga (which means “union”) is a process through which mind, body and spirit are restored to optimal balance. Personally, midway through the class it was as if my mind slid into neutral. My mind actually quieted. Amazing!

Yoga exercises strengthen and tone the body. They also increase flexibility, improve posture and encourage correct alignment. Proper breathing in the postures heats up the body, making the workouts more invigorating and enabling the release of deeply rooted tension.

Yoga practice is a distinct form of exercise because of its constant attention to complete breathing. Attention to the breath quiets the busyness of the mind, bringing a clarity and focus to the practice.

I would recommend Yoga to anyone that is feeling out-of-balance.

Our culture and fast paced life creates disconnects in our mind, body and spirit. These disconnects create tension in our body and our lives. Yoga helps to eliminate these disconnects, allowing our mind, body and spirit to reunite and relax.

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Be Well!

Dr. Gould