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Crash DummyIt’s surreal, one moment you are stopped at a red light. The next moment you hear screeching tires, you look up into your rear view mirror and immediately feel the impact. You have just been involved in an accident. Within moments a policeman taps on your window to ask if you are okay… You move around a bit and much to your surprise, you feel fine, other than feeling a bit anxious. Two days later however, you cannot lift your head off your pillow and your body feels like it has been beat up.

How can this be? You feel okay immediately after the accident but with 48 to 72 hours you feel absolutely miserable. I’m always asked this question, “Doc, I felt fine right after the accident, why do I hurt so badly now?” A quick anatomy lesson will help here. It is all about blood supply. Tissues that have a good blood supply swell quickly after an injury. Tissues that have a poor blood supply swell slowly after an injury. There are several things that are significant about this. Not only does a poor blood supply delay the onset of pain, it also significantly increases healing time and in some cases healing outcome

Properly treating this type of injury is critical. Left alone, improper healing can occur leaving the individual with chronic pain for the rest of their life. We all know people like this. I have been treating whiplash injuries since 1988. If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and have been in an auto accident, call me and set up an appointment to be examined. The sooner treatment begins the better the outcome.

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