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Did you know these Whiplash Facts:

  • Although seat-belts do save lives they actually increase the whipping action of the neck.  This increased whipping reaction is directly related to the fact that the seat-belt keeps the body securely positioned in the seat.  The additional whipping action has been shown to increase injury to the neck and its supporting structures.
  • An older accident victim will generally suffer more serious injuries because of the decreased elasticity of the tissues, dramatic loss of flexibility and range of motion, significant loss of strength and a slowing of the natural healing rate.
  • A surprised victim of an accident does not have a chance to brace before impact which will translate into a more serious injury to the spine and nervous system.
  • Studies show that approximately 50% of accident victims sustained injuries to the low back and of these 15% develop serious nerve damage.
  • In a typical collision, having the head turned to one side, such as talking to another passenger, can dramatically increase the amount of neck injury.
  • Generally speaking, a woman’s lighter musculature means that she will have a higher incidence of injury.
  • A vehicle that does not compress or crumple upon impact and therefore sustains little damage, fails to absorb the energy from the collision, which is then transmitted to the occupants.  This is classically called a “bounce-off” type of accident with little damage to the car but significant damage to the occupants.

Clinical experience has shown Chiropractic Care to be the method of choice for treating most whiplash injuries. If you live in the Cincinnati area and  are suffering with injuries from an auto accident, give me a call and schedule an exam.

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