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Government Run Health Care.

As a physician I can see both sides of the health care debate. In my eyes, however, Government run health care is going to be an Absolute Disaster.  Expanding Medicaid and Medicare will greatly impact the quality of care as we currently know it.  Neither cover the cost of treating the patient as it is.  Yes, you heard me correctly, it costs doctors and hospitals if they treat Medicaid and Medicare patients.

One size does not fit all.  Morphing doctor’s offices and hospitals into health care assembly lines, for the sake of covering more people is unconscionable.  Some may argue that this will not happen.  Trust me… it will!

Here is my concern, the people that are in charge of changing our health care system, don’t even understand it. If you don’t understand it, how can you possibly fix it?

Herein lies the rub,  physically, physiologically and psychologically we are all different.  When treating someone’s disease or illness you quickly find that there are many variables that will impact the patient’s outcome.  Many of these variables are beyond both the patient and the doctor’s control.  We all know of two people that have had the same disease yet had totally different outcomes. This is a reality that on many occasions is unquantifiable.

I’m all for minimizing costs and maximizing outcomes, however, until we all have identical genes, eat the same foods, live in the same environment, think the same thoughts and get the same amount of physical activity this will-never-happen. It is simply not based in Reality!  Then again, neither is our Government.

Yours in Health, Naturally!

Dr. Gould