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Below a few of my patients share their Chiropractic experiences.

If you think all your attempts at feeling better have failed… please give Dr. Gould a call!

Three years ago I ‘walked’ into Dr. Gould’s office with braces to the knees on both legs and a walker. I was overweight as well. Dr. Gould assessed my situation with great care. The braces came off, the walker was gone and within 9 months I had lost 40 pounds.  I have managed to keep them off and plan on losing more, the right way – with the diet Dr. Gould gave me, along with the whole food supplements, which do make a tremendous difference.
I have had back and leg pain from the time I was a teenager. I had a slight limp. I would lay down on my bed at night with my legs straight up against the wall because they ached so bad.  Ten years ago, I had two spinal fusions that did help, but I had residual leg and back pain. It progressed and I had to turn to Dr. Gould for help.  Dr. Gould has an extraordinary way of explaining and simplifying information. He does not hesitate to reinforce the information until the patient really understands it and is living it.  My progressive leg and back pain was diagnosed by another medical professional as a leg length discrepancy. Dr. Gould discovered it was due to a tilted pelvis. Many other areas of my spine, back and legs were effected. Gently, Dr. Gould dealt with the pain and imbalances in my whole body.  As a result, I have been able to return to my profession as a registered nurse. I would never have been able to work in this profession without the persistent and thorough help of this gifted chiropractor.

As many of  Dr. Gould’s patients have said…insurance or not, this has been, by far, the best investment of my medical dollars.  My M.D.’s are great, but they do not have the grasp of spinal issues, nor the time or means to deal with them.

Marilyn McClain

” Confronted with low back surgery I was disturbed.”

Dear Dr. Gould,

In 1989, after years of chronic lower back problems, I suffered an attack in my lower back for two months, during which time I was nearly incapacitated. After weeks of treatment which consisted of hot compresses, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs, I was referred by my family physician to an orthopedic surgeon. This orthopedic surgeon I was told, was one of the best in the Dayton area.

After one visit to the surgeon, I was told my condition was “degenerative”, that I could either learn to live with it, or when I was tired of it, I could have the culprit bulging disc removed. I received this diagnosis without the benefit of x-rays, MRI or any other conventional test one might expect from a medical doctor of this specialty.

Like most people who are confronted with possible surgery, I was disturbed, especially since no other alternative was offered. What also bothered me was the fact that I had known friends who had undergone this surgery, with equal success and failure. In short, no guarantees would ever be associated with this surgery, or even addressing the underlying problem. I could not believe this was my only option.

By late 1990, after seeing another referred orthopedic surgeon, again after a severe “attack”, I was admitted to the hospital; put in traction, given cortisone shots every four hours and the usual course of muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. The myelogram test (a painful spinal tap) showed a bulging disc between L4 and L5. The electromyogram (also painful) showed no significant nerve damage. After nearly a week in the hospital, I was discharged with no surgery, 10 pounds heavier than I was when I was admitted, and with the intuitive belief that nothing had really been accomplished. I limped along for several months in pain.

By 1991, having exhausted all “conventional” medicine I attended a free spinal screening held by a chiropractor in Dayton, as a last resort. I figured I new my medical history fairly well and was interested in hearing the diagnosis. The chiropractor examined me, and told me that I probably had lumbar vertebra displaced and possibly disc problems, and the pain she said was obvious by the way I was I walking. “I can’t heal the discs but they can heal on their own, if the vertebra is realigned. Without vertebral alignment, they will never heal properly.” I probably should have seen that chiropractor, but like most people I had always been somewhat skeptical of chiropractic care.

By May of 1991, having suffered another attack in my lower back, and as a last resort, I received your name in reference. Your diagnosis of my problem was virtually the same that I had received only a few months before at the free screening. I have to admit I was somewhat apprehensive of chiropractic care. However, you carefully explained my problem to me, what treatment would entail and how long it might take to affect the cure. You also asked me to trust you, which was difficult considering my track record with “conventional” medicine.” After nearly two months of care, I achieved a level of health that I had not felt in years. The pain in my lower back was gone, the numbness in my foot was gone, and I felt normal again.

It has now been four years, I still have problems occasionally but I understand them and know what it takes to fix them. When I do have subluxations, I don’t even think about going to my family physician, I know what medicine he would prescribe. I call you up, explained what has happened and come in to get the problem corrected. I don’t know why people consider Chiropractic Care “alternative medicine”, that term is certainly ironic since we both know there are no drugs involved in the cure.

James W. Hart

A clearly presented lesson in anatomy

Dear Dr. Gould,

Once again I am writing you to thank you for your kind and thoughtful insights. Not only do I feel I got a clearly presented lesson in anatomy and diagnosis (your use of metaphors is wonderful), but you helped me feel better about my treatment decisions. As someone dealing with the emotional side effects of prednisone, I am especially grateful to you for helping me feel capable of making informed decisions.

Thank you again for our willingness to share your professional opinion with me. You came so highly recommended and your treatment on March 14th was very effective.

Trudy Corum

Dr. Gould will have your interest at heart

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a patient of Dr. Gould for the past three years and each time I came for an office visit I was more pleased with his work. Since I am firm believer in Chiropractic, and have been for years, I can honestly say I can be a pretty good judge of Chiropractors. Dr. Gould is the best and the finest that has ever treated me. He is considerate, interested in his patients and truly caring. Dr. Gould is a man that you could talk to with ease and know that he is really listening to you and has your best interest at heart. I would always recommend Dr. Gould to any family member or friend without a moment’s hesitation. I feel truly blessed to be his patient.

Martha Lustbader

No more neck and back pain

Dear Dr. Gould,

We will probably be moving soon, and I am writing this letter in the event that it might be useful as a reference for potential patients. I am very satisfied with the treatment that I have received, and would recommend you to anyone, especially family, seeking relief from back and neck pain. Since my primary doctor only prescribed anti-inflammatory medications for the pain, the problem got worse until it became too painful to hug or to lean over to kiss my wife.

My back is so much better now. Since you are the only one that came up with the right program, you get all the credit. Taking the initial x-rays, as well as x-rays part way through the program, gave me a lot of comfort, and I would have been hesitant to trust anyone who did not start out that way. I was skeptical, at first that you had accurately projected the type and duration of my recovery, but I guess the proof is in the pudding.

The most valuable part of the program was the information you provided to me regarding posture and how to rearrange my work station. Without that information I would have continued to aggravate my back and neck and they never would have gotten well. As it was, I noticed an immediate improvement, and hopefully will avoid future problems. Next, the adjustments, coupled with the office and home therapy really did the trick. Had I not followed your instructions, or had you omitted any part of the program, I’m sure that my recovery would have been increased.

I am still irritated at my insurance carrier for not covering this treatment without my primary doctor’s referral; however, I would have paid any amount of money to achieve these results. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

Best Regards,
Michael B. Hainkel

Living with lower back and hip problems since childhood

I have suffered with a lower back and hip problem since my childhood.

Dear Dr. Gould,

Engaging in your services for chiropractic care is the best thing I have ever done for myself! Admittedly, when I came to you almost a year ago, I was full of skepticism. I was not truly willing to believe in chiropractic, but I had tried all of the traditional routes to correct my problems. Today, I’m a believer.

From the time I was a small child, I had a problem with my left hip and lower back. As a child other children teased me because I limped. My parents took me to the “best” physicians and surgeons in the area. I still limped. As an adult, I learned to live with the problem, even as it became worse and people constantly asked questions like, “How’d you hurt your leg?” It embarrassed me, but I thought there was nothing I could do about it. Soon the problem escalated to the point where my hip began to ache all the time. Eventually, even simple exercise like taking walks caused excruciating pain. Soon, the problem was more than an annoyance; it was an obsession. I began consulting physicians and specialists. They offered various theories and resolutions:

“The problem is in your head. There is no physical reason for this.”
“Your left calf muscle is dead. This causes strain on your left hip. There is nothing you can do about it.”
“You’re 20lbs. overweight. Lose the extra weight and you won’t have the problem.”
“You don’t get enough exercise. Exercise more and it’ll stop hurting.”
“Driving long distances is causing this. Sit on a pillow and it’ll be okay.”
“The calf muscle appears to be a little short. We can surgically lengthen it, but there is no guarantee it will help.”
Finally, with no alternative, I came to you, hoping something was out of place and you could just “pop it back.” When you examined me, read my x-ray, and informed me that I needed to start coming in three times per week and eventually taper to one time per month, I was even more skeptical than before. I couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t fix the problem in one visit. The worst part is my insurance does not cover chiropractic. If I had not been in so much pain, I would have walked out (or should I say limped) and never returned. However, I had no choice but to stay. I’m glad I did.

I felt better within a week. Today, after regular chiropractic adjustments I feel an occasional “twinge” in my hip, but it is barely noticeable. I can walk for hours without experiencing any pain whatsoever. Although I still have a slight limp at times, it has been a year since anyone has commented on it; I used to receive comments almost daily. Besides correcting the known problem, the adjustments have allowed me to sleep better, have diminished the number of “stress” headaches and have significantly improved my posture.

In addition to the chiropractic adjustments, you have also prescribed orthotics, special inserts to wear in my shoes. I have worn the orthotics regularly for six months now, and have noticed remarkable differences. My calves no longer ache after standing on my feet all day. My feet don’t hurt after walking long distances. (In fact, to the contrary they feel like they’ve just had a massage.) Calluses have completely disappeared from the bottoms of my feet.

I used to think sore, callused feet, aching calves and stress headaches were a normal part of a working woman’s life. Now I know better, thanks to your chiropractic expertise. If I had to do it all over again and the cost of a visit where double what it is today, I would not hesitate to seek chiropractic care, insurance or no insurance.

I would also choose you as the care-giver because of all the personalized attention I have received in your office. You always take the time to understand, communicate and educate. In this day and age, it is so refreshing to come across someone who truly cares about his patients and who isn’t just in business to make a dollar. Thank you for that and for the difference you have made in my life.

Karen Domaschko

Vicoden, steroids and muscle relaxants did not impact my pain

Dear Dr. Gould,

It is amazing to me the progress that I have made since I started seeing you in May. What started out as a little back pain in March, ended up being a lot more than anyone expected. Three weeks into this minor problem, the pain became incredibly intense and I finally went to see my primary care physician. He took x-rays, the results came back normal. The spacing of my vertebra appeared to be normal and intact and there was no reason to suspect any kind of infection. He thought that I probably strained a muscle in my lower back. Over the weekend following my initial visit to him, the pain increased to a new level and I did not know how to make it go away. The medications he had given me, which included Vicoden, steroids and a muscle relaxant did not seem to have any impact on my pain. I had been taking them and the pain continued to increase.

As of the following Monday, he added an additional muscle relaxant and we set up an MRI to be completed on my back. Tuesday I went for the MRI. By Thursday, I was ready to go to the hospital because the results of the MRI had not come back and the pain had become unbearable (little did I know it would get worse). By this time, I had missed almost a full week of work. When I tried to return to work I would have to leave early due to the pain. To further my distress, I had to miss a lot of class and the new quarter had just begun. It was almost noon on Thursday when the doctor’s office called. The MRI report came back… everything was normal. I am not a doctor, but I knew when pain shoots down both your legs, everything is not normal. However, I took my doctors advice and started physical therapy. He was certain I was just having muscle spasms, even though the pain was extending from my lower back completely down the back of my legs.

I went to physical therapy three times a week and was there for two hours each visit. We did mobilization exercises and traction. At the end of each visit he put electrical stimulation on my lower back. So I felt good for roughly 20 minutes after I left, but then the pain returned. At this point I was struggling to walk because the pain was unbearable.

Once again, I contacted my primary care physician and he sent me to Christ Hospital for a bone scan. When the results came back, everything once again was normal. It was at this point that my primary care physician referred me to an orthopedist. I went to see the orthopedist a week later (all the while continuing physical therapy) who agreed with my primary care physician that it was only muscle spasm. He told me to continue with the physical therapy and to come back and see him in three weeks. However, at this point I left his office crying because I was upset at the lack of concern for the pain that was shooting down both my legs as far as my Achilles tendon. I would come home crying at night, the pain was so bad and the physical therapy was only making it worse.

Finally I gave up and was willing to try anything to get better. One of the ladies my mother works with highly recommended you, and even though I was the most skeptical person about chiropractors, I will never regret seeing you. My initial examination led to the discovery of a compressed disc as a result of my hips being misaligned. The one thing you did differently than everyone else was you took weight bearing x-rays. All of the other x-rays had been performed while I was lying down, but when I was standing up the picture was completely different and even I could see the problem.

I started seeing you three times per week and after the first week I noticed a difference, although the pain was still extreme. After two weeks I could walk comfortably and the pain in my legs now only went down to the knees. And now I only see you once a week, after two months of treatment, the pain is gone and I can function normally. We still have some strength to gain, but if it weren’t for you, I would still be suffering.

Dr. Gould, thank you for giving me my life back.

Ashley N. Eddington

Dr. Gould is thorough, experienced, and passionate about his work.

The one great difference in the care provided by Dr. Gould over other chiropractors or even doctors is the amount of time he gives me to identify the problems and then implement the remedies.  Even though I have been in Dr. Gould’s care for many years, he still gives me the time to review my aches and pains and then follows a number of procedures that allow me to go without pain.

Richard Horn

Thank you Dr. Gould, you delivered the impossible.

What does March 10, 2010, April 2, 2010 and June 10, 2010 have in common?

Let me explain. On March 10, 2010 I was fitted with a full back brace up to my sternum, which I was required to wear all my waking hours. This brace was ordered by a Spinal Surgeon in Florida. I was to wear it a minimum of 3 months. No mention was made of what follow up care was needed. To say the least it was uncomfortable. I had to lay down in bed to put on my socks, I couldn’t wear tie shoes, had difficulty getting dressed. Basically I couldn’t do anything physical.

We came back to Cincinnati on April 1, 2010. On April 2, 2010 I went back to my Chiropractor Dr. Gould. Although he had taken care of my bad back for many years he was a little surprised. Somehow I got myself onto his Chiropractic Table. You know he did the same silly routine. Put left arm in back, put right arm in back etc. He then announced to me that my hips were 3/4? out of alignment, no wonder you’re in pain!!

Over the many years of getting cared for by Dr. Gould having my hips out of alignment wasn’t anything special except that previously the most they ever went out was maybe 1/4?. Dr. Gould told me he had one other patient that was worse. It took him 3 months to fix. I didn’t have 3 months, golf season was here now. By the end of April I was wearing the back brace less and less each week. May seemed like it had at least 60 days.

You guessed it. Finally on June 10, 2010 with Dr. Gould’s permission I played 9 holes of golf (not well by the way).

Wow, no shots, no surgery, no back brace, no pain. He even beat his own schedule.

Thank you Dr. Gould, you delivered the impossible.

Fred Guttman

PS The back brace was $2,400.00. I won’t mention the Orthopedic Surgeons bill. Dr. Gould’s fees were just a fraction of the cost the back brace alone.

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