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The term sciatica refers to pain, numbness and occasional muscle weakness in the areas supplied by the sciatic nerve. Areas innervated by this nerve are: hip, buttock, back of thigh, calf and foot. The patient may experience pain, burning or crawling sensation over the effected area(s) and an inability to walk on his toes or heels due to muscular weakness. There are many causes of sciatica but the most frequent cause has been found to be faulty alignment and mechanics of the lower spine and pelvis. Such faulty alignment serves to compress or irritate the sciatic nerve with a resulting painful inflammation of the nerve.

Clinical experience has shown that Chiropractic Care applied to these faulty spinal-pelvic-mechanics to be the method of choice for correcting the cause of sciatica. If you live in the Cincinnati area and have been suffering with sciatica and are tired of the pain, give me a call and schedule a exam.

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