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The two main causes of Sacroiliac Pain:

1. Trauma– Due to lifting, slipping, or sudden unexpected movements.
2. Poor Posture – Due to occupation (improper workstation fit) or bad habits. It can take years in some cases for pain to manifest from postural problems.

How do I know that the pain is coming from my Sacroiliac Joint?

This question can only be answered after a thorough history has been taken, followed by an examination and the appropriate diagnostics. In many instances, an individual suffering from a sacroiliac problem will have trouble turning over in bed or getting out of a chair.

My treatment goals for patients with sacroiliac problems:

1. Pain reduction.
2. Stabilizing the patient’s posture.
3. Restoring normal function to the patient’s sacroiliac joints.
4. Creating an exercise regiment to help prevent future problems.

Sacroiliac problems are very common. I tend to see more of this type of problem in the spring and the fall, usually from sports in the springtime and yard work in the fall. So if you live in the greater Cincinnati area and feel like you may have a sacroiliac problem, give me a call.

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