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A very “sharp” pain

Most patients describe rib head pain as a knife-like pain. Why does this occur? A little anatomy will help you to understand this. Each rib actually attaches to the spine in two different locations. At each site of attachment, a joint is formed allowing movement. Yes, the ribs move. If it weren’t for this movement, we could not take a breath or bend in this area. Because of these joints, certain movements can create problems. Typically, “extreme” twisting of the upper body will cause these joints to become misaligned or subluxated. When this happens the ligaments that surround the joints (joint capsule) become stretched and on occasion pulled inside the joint allowing the capsule to be pinched. This is what causes that horrible knife-like pain. Treating this requires a thorough understanding of the anatomy in this area and the skill to adjust the rib head(s) back into their proper location.

Rib head pain, if not treated properly will become chronic.  If you are experiencing this type of pain and you live in the Cincinnati area, give me a call and schedule an exam.  Allowing this condition to become chronic is a mistake that all regret.

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