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The only true-business-card we have is our posture.

Think about that statement. Typically, what is the first thing you notice about someone? Their posture! It’s true, our posture is the one element that makes the Strongest First Impression. Not only does it impact what others think about us but more importantly, it impacts our own Physiology and our Psychology. It effects how we breath, how we feel and our mood. Think of a depressed person’s posture. Their head is down and their shoulders are slumped.

Our daily posture, to a large degree will determine how the structural components (skeletal system and joints) of our body ages. Let me explain why. Maintaining a good posture allows the weight of our head and upper body to be placed on the bony part of our spine. This weight gets transferred into our pelvic area then into the seat pan of a chair if we are sitting or down our legs into the floor if we are standing. Because of this fact, good posture requires very little muscular effort.

Conversely, poor daily posture creates a variety of problems. These problems occur due to the body adapting to the postures we maintain at work, home or leisure. Any posture that we regularly maintain for a prolonged period of time our body will adapt to. Specifically, it is our ligaments that adapt. Some shorten and others lengthen. When this happens the weight of our body gets transferred improperly. Over time our posture begins to change. The most common change is called anterior weight bearing. There is a forward shift of the head (See picture). If this is not corrected over time the mid back will become prominent. Because of this, these people develop chronic upper back pain.

So go look in the mirror. Better yet, look at some recent photos of yourself. Now that you have a better understanding about posture, are you pleased at what you see? There are many factors that contribute to poor posture. The majority are correctable over time. As a chiropractor, I have an acute awareness that a person’s posture is actually a window to their spine. If you feel your posture could use some work, give me a call and let’s begin.

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