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You wake up with a stiff neck, thinking you have slept wrong. You confidently say to yourself… Maybe it will go away. As the day goes on, you notice that your shoulder and arm begin to develop a peculiar ache. Well, it has been two days and not only has your painful neck and arm not subsided but it has increased to the point where you are unable to sleep. Your posture and wincing, alert everyone that you are in pain. People start coming up to you with home remedies and suggestions. Slowly you realize that this problem is bigger than any pain medication you currently have in your medicine cabinet.

Why am I hurting?

There are a variety things that can cause this. However, in each case, it is due to nerves being irritated or compressed. In many instances this type of a problem begins as a mechanical problem. What do I mean by a mechanical problem? Simply put, our spine is made up of many vertebra. These vertebra fit together and move together in a very specific way. Each vertebra is separated from the other by discs and connected to one another by ligaments. The ligaments not only hold everything together but allow a certain amount of motion in a variety of directions. On occasion, due to trauma, repetitive activities, sleeping incorrectly or simply weakness, the vertebra in your spine can shift outside of their normal position or location. When this happens, the spinal ligaments can become inflamed and press on the nerves that exit your spine. Where this happens will determine where you feel the pain. The pain can radiate up into your head, your upper back or down into your arm. Below is and example of pain patterns caused from problems in your neck. You have seven vertebra in your neck C1 is the top vertebra and C7 is the lowest vertebra.

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Is this problem correctable?

In the majority of instances the answer yes! The first thing we need to do is to find out exactly where in your spine the problem is originating from. Once we find the problem area, we work on correcting the faulty position and mechanics. As you begin to heal, you will notice the pain will begin to retrace itself. Like playing a movie backwards until you are only left with neck pain which over time will also go away.

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Dr. Gould