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tomatoes-strawberries.bmpNutrition is without a doubt one of the most over-looked factors in one’s health. It is a true rarity when one goes to a medical doctor, that the topic of nutrition is discussed.Instead, a prescription is written and handed to the patient. What’s sad about this scenario is the majority of health problems can be traced back to nutritional deficiencies. Instead of “correcting the deficiency” with dietary changes and supplementation, the patient is given a drug to eliminate the symptom which allows the “cause” to progress unchecked.

Nutritional deficiencies are unique to each individual. The “typical” American Diet predisposes us to nutritional deficiencies.The majority of foods people consume on a daily basis have been devitalized. An example of this would be processed foods. Even produce that has not been organically grown is devitalized.

Finding your deficiencies:

My nutritional examination is centered on the patient filling out a Symptom Survey Questionnaire. The purpose of the Symptom Survey is to allow the patient to voice the perception of his/her symptoms.Only through the quantity of questions in the Symptom Survey and the patients rating of these symptoms can the practitioner find the root cause.This information is then entered into the Nutritec Evaluation Software Program which compiles seven different levels of relationships and then creates a report that gives a complete picture of the patient’s body chemistry and then suggests what dietary changes and Whole Food Supplements would be necessary to balance the patient’s chemistry.

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