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Dear Dr. Gould,

We will probably be moving soon, and I am writing this letter in the event that it might be useful as a reference for potential patients. I am very satisfied with the treatment that I have received, and would recommend you to anyone, especially family, seeking relief from back and neck pain. Since my primary doctor only prescribed anti-inflammatory medications for the pain, the problem got worse until it became too painful to hug or to lean over to kiss my wife.

My back is so much better now. Since you are the only one that came up with the right program, you get all the credit. Taking the initial x-rays, as well as x-rays part way through the program, gave me a lot of comfort, and I would have been hesitant to trust anyone who did not start out that way. I was skeptical, at first that you had accurately projected the type and duration of my recovery, but I guess the proof is in the pudding.

The most valuable part of the program was the information you provided to me regarding posture and how to rearrange my work station. Without that information I would have continued to aggravate my back and neck and they never would have gotten well. As it was, I noticed an immediate improvement, and hopefully will avoid future problems. Next, the adjustments, coupled with the office and home therapy really did the trick. Had I not followed your instructions, or had you omitted any part of the program, I’m sure that my recovery would have been increased.

I am still irritated at my insurance carrier for not covering this treatment without my primary doctor’s referral; however, I would have paid any amount of money to achieve these results. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

Best Regards,
Michael B. Hainkel