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Three years ago I ‘walked’ into Dr. Gould’s office with braces to the knees on both legs and a walker. I was overweight as well. Dr. Gould assessed my situation with great care. The braces came off, the walker was gone and within 9 months I had lost 40 pounds.  I have managed to keep them off and plan on losing more, the right way – with the diet Dr. Gould gave me, along with the whole food supplements, which do make a tremendous difference.
I have had back and leg pain from the time I was a teenager. I had a slight limp. I would lay down on my bed at night with my legs straight up against the wall because they ached so bad.  Ten years ago, I had two spinal fusions that did help, but I had residual leg and back pain. It progressed and I had to turn to Dr. Gould for help.  Dr. Gould has an extraordinary way of explaining and simplifying information. He does not hesitate to reinforce the information until the patient really understands it and is living it.  My progressive leg and back pain was diagnosed by another medical professional as a leg length discrepancy. Dr. Gould discovered it was due to a tilted pelvis. Many other areas of my spine, back and legs were effected. Gently, Dr. Gould dealt with the pain and imbalances in my whole body.  As a result, I have been able to return to my profession as a registered nurse. I would never have been able to work in this profession without the persistent and thorough help of this gifted chiropractor.

As many of  Dr. Gould’s patients have said…insurance or not, this has been, by far, the best investment of my medical dollars.  My M.D.’s are great, but they do not have the grasp of spinal issues, nor the time or means to deal with them.

Marilyn McClain