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It all started with lower back pain

I thought the pain would go away. Then over time, the pain started radiating down into my buttock and lower leg. Does this describe your problem? If so, know that you are not alone. This is one of the most common complaints I hear from patients while taking their history.

So why does this happen?

There are a variety things that can cause this. However, in each case, it is due to nerves being irritated or compressed. In the majority of instances this type of a problem begins as a mechanical problem. What do I mean by a mechanical problem? Simply put, our spine and pelvis are made up of many parts. Parts that not only fit together in a very specific way but also allow movement. Each part is connected to the other by ligaments. The ligaments not only hold everything together but allow a certain amount of motion. On occasion, due to trauma, repetitive activities or simply weakness due to a poor fitness level the parts of our spine and pelvis can shift outside of their normal position. When this happens, the ligaments become inflamed and due to their proximity to neurological structure put pressure on these structures. Where this happens will determine a patients pain pattern. In the leg, pain can occur on the front, side or back. It can occur in the upper leg, lower leg and foot. In fact, the term sciatica is often used for pain that radiates into the leg. Sciatica is actually graded due to severity. Pain into the buttock is called primary sciatica. Pain that continues through buttock into the thigh area, is called secondary sciatica. Pain that continues through the buttock and thigh area and into the lower leg and foot is called tertiary sciatica. As a general rule, the further down the pain goes in the leg the more serious the case.

Is this problem correctable?

In the majority of instances the answer yes! The first thing we need to do is to find out exactly where in your spine the problem is originating from. Once we find the problem area, we work on correcting the faulty position and mechanics. As you begin to heal, you will notice the pain will begin to retrace. I tell my patients it’s like playing the movie backwards. The last pain you had to show up will be the first thing to go away. Example: A person starts out with lower back pain that eventually goes into their buttock and then down the back of their leg to just above the knee. Once I begin treating them the pain will move up until it is no longer in the leg. Then it will move out of the buttock and only in the lower back. Finally, the lower back pain will be gone.

If you are suffering with lower back and leg pain and live in the Cincinnati area give me a call. Life is too short to be encumbered by pain.

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