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So many people in our modern society suffer from indigestion. In a previous post titled “Belching, Bloating & Flatulence” I mentioned Food Combining. In this post, I’d like to give you some background on Food Combining and explain why it is so effective with indigestion and many other health problems.

Correctly combining your foods will eliminate your indigestion.

Yes, I said eliminate your indigestion. It will also help your cholesterol levels and your metabolism. Remember, without complete digestion, the nutrients in even the most wholesome foods cannot be fully assimilated by the body. Conversely, incomplete digestion and inefficient metabolism are the prime causes of of fat and cholesterol accumulation in the body.

In simple terms, here is the science behind proper Food Combining. I think you will find that it makes a lot of sense. It’s a fact, in order to initiate efficient digestion of a protein, the stomach must secrete pepsin. It is also a fact that pepsin can only function in a highly acid environment, which must be maintained for several hours for complete digestion of proteins.

It is a equally known fact that when we chew a piece of bread or eat a potato or any other carbohydrate or starch, ptyalin and other alkaline juices are immediately secreted into the food via the saliva in the mouth. When swallowed, the alkalized starches require an alkaline environment in order to complete digestion.

So far here is what we have learned? We now know proteins require and an acidic environment to digest and starches and sugars require alkaline environment to digest. We have been taught to mix all our foods together. When we do that both acid and alkaline are released. This causes them to promptly neutralize one another leaving a weak, watery solution in the stomach that digests neither protein or starch properly. Instead proteins putrefy (rot) and starches and sugars ferment. Putrefaction and fermentation are the primary cause of all sorts of digestive problems, including gas, heartburn, cramps, bloating, constipation, foul stools, bleeding hemorrhoids, colitis and so forth.

Now that you understand the benefits of proper Food Combining, here is how it is done. There is really only one rule. Never eat a protein with a starch. Example: You can have a protein with a salad or vegetable or you can have a starch with a salad or vegetable. It’s that simple!

Proper Food Combining

Let me know how this helps you.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Gould