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Facet Syndrome occurs when the joints of the spine jam. Jamming of the spinal joints usually occurs with hyperextension (excessive backwards motion). Jamming can also be caused form congenital postural problems or obesity. The spinal joints are designed to allow a certain amount of extension, if this amount is exceeded; the spinal joints become damaged, inflamed and very painful. If you bend backwards and it hurts, that is usually an indication that you may have a facet syndrome.


Our spine has four curves. It is these curves that give us amazing flexibility. However, if the curve flattens out or increases problems can occur. Facet syndrome is usually seen in the lumbar spine or lower back. It happens when there is an increase or an accentuation of the lumbar curve. This increased curve is called a hyperlordosis. A hyperlordotic spine is predisposed to this type of syndrome due to the increased load it puts on the facets and joint capsule.

I have treated many people in the Cincinnati area that have had facet syndrome. Spinal adjustments coupled with home exercises are very effective at eliminating this syndrome. Like most neuromuscular problems, it is best to seek out treatment early. The longer you wait the more difficult your case becomes. Call today513-791-8110.

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