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One Patients Journey

A patient of mine, earlier today told me how she ended up at my office.  She said that she had been going to her medical doctor for an entire year, due to dizziness and heaviness in the head.  She said that he ran one test after another and prescribed various medications throughout the year.  She said nothing seemed to help her.

A Caring Mother

She told me that her mother (a patient of mine) kept pushing her to come and let me evaluate her.  She admitted, that she was reluctant because I was a Chiropractor.  However, her dizziness continued to worsen, at which point she figured she had nothing to loose, so she made and appointment at my office.

Spinal Examination and Treatment

During my examination, I found a variety of misalignments in her spine, including the top vertebrae in her neck called C1 or Atlas.  Because of this, I felt confident that chiropractic care would be very helpful in eliminating her symptoms. After completing her examination her Atlas was adjusted. I advised her to go home and rest and to return in two days.


The patient returned two days later and reported the dizziness and heaviness in the head were completely gone. She also noted that her vision was less blurry and what she described as mental, fog was gone.

If you have a Chiropractic problem, only Chiropractic care can resolve it.

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