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Yes, you can change!

On a regular basis people are experiencing amazing breakthroughs. These positive breakthroughs unknowingly have a ripple effect on all the people they come in contact with.  Energy and vitality are amazingly contagious.  Getting more from oneself merely requires making a decision. Remember a true decision means you can’t go back.  Deciding that you are going to focus every fiber in your being to eradicate behaviors that have kept your life stalled.  Let  your mantra be: I Can. I Will. I must.

Don’t let you Biography become your Biology.

Yes, your thinking can make you sick. Pondering on the past or fretting about the future serves no purpose and only causes stress hormones to be released in your body.

Begin asking better questions.

Most people have an internal dialogue (self talk) that is circuitous in nature, brought on by habitual questions, typically starting with the word why.  Below is a brief video by Louise Hay, I think you will find interesting and helpful.

What’s your personal philosophy?

You should evaluate it. Where has it gotten you.  Has it been empowering or disempowering? You may find that your philosophy is not yours at all.  It’s possibly a collage of words and beliefs from people in your past.

“My philosophy is that you are not only responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment, puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

What are your daily rituals?

Our daily habits or rituals affect every part of our lives.  This is critical to understand. What we eat. How we eat it. How we exercise. How we avoid exercise. How we dress. Even our facial expressions are all habitual.  Becoming aware of this is a great place to start.

Begin today.

Change can be both exciting and invigorating.  Sustained change however, takes effort and discipline. The rewards of needed change will lead you to a more balanced,  happier and healthier life.  Isn’t it time that you Embrace Change?

Yours in Health, Naturally!

Dr. Gould