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Common Sense… Is Not So Common

I find that the majority of people know very little about maintaining a healthy body. In fact, most people only become interested when they become ill or develop a disease.

Sad to say most people are oblivious to the concept of a health strategy. Partly due to ignorance, laziness and the insidious nature of a health care industry that is driven by selling more and more drugs to people that have been brainwashed into thinking that both health and disease come from the outside. We have always been taught that germs are out to get us and if they do, there is a drug for it. I’m here to tell you, there is another way, a natural more holistic way.

This is the first of several posts that I’m going to write, titled Common Sense Health Strategies. So let us begin learning how your body works and how to make it work better.

Your body is a High Performance Machine

What makes it such a high performance machineis its ability to rapidly respond to both internal and external stimuli. This rapid response is made possible due to your brain and nervous system. A truly Amazing Duo!

Did you know your nervous system was the “first” system in your body to be formed, after you were conceived? This irrefutable fact is a clue to your nervous system’s importance. Did you know your nervous system controls “everything” in your body? Essentially, your nervous system is an information super highway. The brain sends information to the body parts and then, the body parts send information back to the brain. This amazing feedback loop allows constant monitoring of all the systems of your body. This is why problems in the nervous system can create serious health problems. Because of this fact, your spine should be the first thing checked when you are not feeling well and regularly maintained to keep you well.

Fact: In the body information is Health! Lack of information is Disease!

Your spine is made up of many segments called vertebrae. The vertebrae are stacked on top of one another. Your spine acts like a support structure for your upper body, it also houses and protects your spinal cord and it allows you bend and twist. On occasion these segments can lose their proper alignment or relationship with on another. When this happens, the nerves exiting the spine can become pinched causing a disruption in the communication between the brain and the affected body part(s). If this communication is not restored the body’s level of functioning is reduced. This reduction in functioning can predispose you to illness, pain and disease.

Strategy #1 “Spinal Hygiene”

Keeping your spine in proper alignment by having it checked and if needed, having it adjusted. Did you know your current level of health is in direct proportion to the level of communication that currently exists between your brain and your body. This simple fact has eluded the masses with the exception of elite athletes and those who seek optimal health.

Sadly many people deal with health problems by simply drugging the symptom. Drugging the symptom however, never corrects the cause it merely allows it to get worse. This is why I say common sense is not so common.

Have you had your spine checked recently? Do you know someone that is suffering, if so, please share this post with them.

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Yours in Health, Naturally!

Dr. Gould