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Neck and Arm Pain Causes

Neck and arm pain (Cervical Brachial Syndrome) have many causes.

Here are just a few:

  1. Trauma (slips, falls, sports injuries & auto accidents).
  2. Improper sleeping postures.
  3. Improper workstation ergonomics.
  4. Initiation of a new aggressive workout program without proper guidance.
Neck and Arm Pain Symptoms

Neck and arm pain frequently occur at the same time. This is usually an indication that spinal segments (vertebra) in the neck or upper back have become misaligned or subluxated. When this happens, spinal joints become swollen which then causes a pinching of the nerves that exit the area of the spine. Initially, pain or soreness may only be felt in the neck. As time goes by, the pain gradually works its way down the arm, into the hand and at times between the shoulder blades.

Chiropractic Neck and Arm Pain Treatment

For years, I have treated people all over the Greater Cincinnati area that have had Cervical Brachial Syndrome. I have treated both mild and severe cases. In the majority of instances, pain medication has been eliminated and surgeries have been prevented.

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