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Some people will laugh after reading the above headline, Belching Bloating & Flatulence others will eagerly read on. My goal in this post is to simplify the process of digestion, so that you will have a general understanding of not only how it works but also what causes problems. So let’s begin. Our digestive tract is basically a tube inside of us. Each portion of the tube has a specific function. The beginning of the tube is our mouth. This is where digestion actually begins. Chewing. Breaking food up in to small pieces. This is where a lot of digestive problems begin. People simply do not chew their food well enough. Try this! Take a piece of bread and just keep chewing it. Don’t swallow, just keep chewing. What you will find is eventually it will be gone, even though you did not swallow. The food was liquefied and automatically went down your throat into your stomach. The purpose of chewing your food well is to prepare it for the next section of the tube which is your stomach. Once the chewed food particles make it into your stomach specific chemicals are released to further break down the food. Some foods require acid to be released others require alkalines to be released. Many digestive problems occur at this point also. If you drink too much fluid with your meals it dilutes (weakens) the chemistry of your stomach. Consequently, what leaves the stomach is not properly broken down and cannot be absorbed properly by the next section of the tube which is your small intestine. Your small intestine does it’s best to extract what nutrients it can from the semi-digested mass that comes out of the stomach but most of the poorly broken down food goes right on by and ultimately ends up in the final end of the tube or the large intestine. The large intestine has many duties and is full of good bacteria. Billions of bacteria, all of which are hungry. As the poorly digested mass reaches the large intestines the bacteria are very capable of properly breaking down the mass. As the bacteria devour all the sugars in this poorly digested mass they release gas… in some cases lots of gas. Leaving you feeling bloated and eventually causing you to avoid public places.

So if you suffer from digestive problems try the below and you will be amazed.

1. Eat slower. Chew your food better.
2. Don’t drink fluids while you eat. Wait 30 minutes after you eat to drink.
3. If your case is severe read my post on proper Food Combining.
4. Every night commercials try to convince you that your indigestion is due to too much acid. This simply is not true. As we get older we simple do not make enough acid. (achlorhydra)

Let me know how this works for you.
Yours in Health!
Dr. Gould