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Are you in Pain? Do you frequently get sick? Do you feel tired most of the time? Do you feel bloated after eating? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you have trouble having bowel movements? Do you crave certain foods? When you first get up in the morning do you feel miserable, tight and stiff?

Did you know?

These are common complaints of Baby Boomers. All these complaints are due to Lifestyle. Individual Lifestyle is determined by one’s Personal Philosophy. I would suggest to you, if you are suffering from “any” or “all” of the above, you need a new Personal Philosophy.

All the above symptoms are feedback, that your body-is-struggling. There are several ways of dealing with this feedback but only one correct way. Roughly 3% of our society chooses the correct way.

  1. Many people choose to do nothing. We all know these people and their excuses: I can’t change. I’ve been smoking since I was 12 years old. I can’t live without junk food. I need my Whisky to sleep. I need my six pack at night to relax. Exercise makes me put on weight. I’m not that fat. This is the best one… I’m waiting till the beginning of the year to make my changes. I’m here to tell you, all of the above reasons are lies. People lie to themselves all the time and by doing so, allow their most precious asset “TIME” slip away. This is what I call a poor philosophy choice.
  2. Many people choose prescriptions or over the counter medications. I have a question for you. Do you actually believe drugs correct the problem? They don’t! I know that drugs are amazing at getting rid of symptoms but it is a rarity when they actually address the causation of the symptom. Consequently, the problem continues unchecked and gets worse. This is also another poor Philosophy choice. I have to admit, this choice in many instances, is due to the Billions Pharmaceutical Companies spends on convincing the public via advertising that their drug is the answer to any and all health issues. The public has simply been dumbed down and brainwashed.
  3. A small but growing group of people, however, have decided to become educated. The truth is… know one will ever care more or less about your health than you. By the way… it’s all up to you. In this group, all have concluded that if they want to enjoy vibrant health, they have to make a study of it. In other words, these people have decided to Get Real. They understand that if you want to get good at anything you have to make a study of it. Then they do something amazing… they put in the time and the discipline and within months they start reaping the rewards of amazing health and energy. In doing so, they have created a new Philosophy and are living a completely different much more enjoyable Lifestyle.

As a Wellness Coach, I help individuals navigate their journey back to a more vibrant Life. The journey begins by exploring their current philosophy. Finding what is right and addressing what is wrong. With effort, discipline and time, amazing things can happen.

If you have been procrastinating with any of the above and you are tired of feeling sick and tired, I challenge you to begin your journey and new life immediately. Action creates momentum. Momentum creates results. If you would like to know more please call me.

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Yours in Health, Naturally!

Dr. Gould