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One of the most important things you can do to improve your appearance, physical health and mental acuity is to have a deeper understanding of how your  food selections effect your body.  It seems so simple, but if you look around at the majority of people in our society,  it becomes apparent, that it’s not that easy.

Becoming educated and  then implementing what you have learned  is  paramount when it comes diet.  There is a lot of great information available but you have to become a seeker.  Then you have to become an implementer.

Many people say they simply do not have the time to learn.  Honestly, it does not take that much time.  The true difficulty of attaining physical vibrancy is consistently implementing  the information that you have learned.  My hope is after reading this, you will be eager to begin a journey that will lead you to a more vibrant life.

Let’s talk about Food

It is so easy to eat poorly, even when we try to eat well.  In many cases, we are eating poorly due to the low nutrient content of  foods that are produced in mass quantities.  Poor eating habits will ultimately lead to malabsorbtion syndromes in the gut which will cause vitamin deficiencies in your body.

Most people have no idea that the vitamin and mineral content of fruits and vegetables begins to diminish immediately after being picked. This fact is compounded by foods that are not produced organically. Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies manifest in many ways,  some subtle and some not so subtle.  These deficiencies open up the door to sickness, allergies, pain and disease.

I think one of the quickest ways to educate you on how your food choices effect your body, is to rent the Movie “FoodMatters” I think you will find it to be an eye opener.  Below is short introduction to the movie.


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