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Is Your Current Health Care… Green?

Probably not! I find it amazing that so many people try to positively impact the environment, yet they totally ignore their own bodies.  Yes, they drive a Prius and separate their garbage, yet they still pop their pills in an attempt to quite their ever-failing-physiology. (I’m here to tell you there is NOTHING ORGANIC, GREEN or NATURAL about that.)  These same people have been on their local pharmacies frequent flyer program for years.  Now they can modulate both their physiology and psychology by simply swallowing a pill.  Hey, the copay is only ten bucks a month.  What a deal!

Is there a Greener Way?

Meaning, nothing added and nothing taken away.  Essentially allowing Nature to Nurture. This is truly a foreign concept to Western Health Care.  It seems we have been programmed, ( yes, we have “all” been programmed ) from the womb to the tomb that the answer to any and all health issues, comes in the form of a syrup, powder or pill. There is a cabinet specifically designed to hold these concoctions… You guessed it, a Medicine Cabinet. How’s that for cultural indoctrination?

Did you know that your body was preloaded with software at conception? Hard to believe isn’t it? This is no ordinary software. The software that runs your body is absolutely amazing, it allows you to learn both consciously and unconsciously.  It runs both your physiology and your thinking.  It will quickly make you remove your hand from a hot surface and cause a scab to form if you cut yourself.  In a nutshell, your brain has been programmed with all the information it will need to allow you to be healthy for your entire life.

Illness, in many instances, is simply a manifestation of Improper Communication.

Your brain, your body’s onboard computer, constantly oversees “every” function in your body. (Most people are unaware of this.)  It does this via nerves that travel from the brain down the spinal column and then out into the body to cells, tissues and organs.  This lightning fast communication creates a symphony in your body, called HEALTH! Conversely, lack of this communication will cause a downward spiral of function leading to illness, pain and disease.

By design, your spine allows a variety of movements. You can touch your toes, reach for the ceiling or hit a golf ball. Amazing, huh?  At times however, for a variety of reasons, the spinal segments can become misplaced causing tissues to become inflamed.  If these inflamed tissues press on the nerves that exit the spinal column, the information traveling in those nerves gets garbled causing a loss of function.  This loss of function can lead to pain, numbness, spasms, stomach problems, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia and lowered resistance just to name a few.

Chiropractic the Greenest Choice in Health Care

If many health problems start at the spine… doesn’t it make sense to have your spine checked for misalignments FIRST!  The chiropractic adjustment is by far the Greenest way to restore your health and maintain it.

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Yours in Health, Natually!

Dr. Gould